a wip of Naz in Breaking The Silence

 cronus-and-his-double:  okay so first off, your art style is absolutely stunning and you probably get this a good twenty to thirty times a day at least. secondly, this may sound selfish but do you think it would be at all possible for you to draw my version of cronus? i know he isn't all that unique or original, but i would be absolutely greatful if you did. third, would it be okay if i used some of your art/ideas as rp prompts for when i voice act? (im not great, but my girlfriend seems to like it) please & thank you?

omg a “good twenty to thirty times a day” nah I’m lucky if I get it a few times a month. definitely not on the popular side of the fandom :’)

it’s absolutely not selfish tbh, as long as you give me enough details i can knock it out at some point.

as far as the rp prompts, i’d rather you tell me a bit more about the rp prompt and how it would play out before you begin. there’s a looot of context that would be lost in translation, especially since a good deal of my Cro art is BWAverse and relies heavily on it to be fully understood (which I guess is why people have been tagging my stuff Eridan :vvv).

as far as actually using my art for something, my terms are really simple and are linked in the sidebar :>

thank you for all the kind words, it’s definitely something i needed to hear.

I think one of the underlying reasons why I don’t really do shipping (aside from not being that invested in it) is an issue of trust. I see an alarming amount of people creating and supporting ship art full of abuse and they’re glorifying it because it’s “not real” and they would “never approve of it in real life” but…? In what fandom circle is being turned on by that generally acceptable? Certainly not one I would want to be involved in, or assumed to be involved in.

I guess it boils down to being afraid that, through making ship art at all, more assumptions would be made about me that simply aren’t true and can’t be proved, and that would make people unwilling to trust me enough to follow me. I don’t want to be someone that comes off as unable to be talked to about anything (except the blatantly stupid stuff of course) or someone that can’t be trusted. I don’t want to come off the way other people in certain circles seem to me.


don’t fucking tell me that my talent is a “blessing” or a “gift.”  it wasn’t given to me at all.  i got to where i am today because i picked up a crayon in kindergarten and i haven’t put it down for 20 fucking years, not because some supernatural entity decided to sprinkle a little magic talent dust into my dna

A few days ago this post appeared on my dashboard and I loved the idea so much my mind kept running with it, and now I have an AU surrounding this idea in the works. (I shouldn’t have to say this but in case it’s not clear: it’s not Eridan)

 Anonymous:  Your blog is absolutely enchanting! I could stare at your art, laugh at your posts and reblogs all day and night! I'm sorry, kinda fangirling over here. You treat Cronus so well, and it's SO HARD to find just anyone to truly, honestly, absolutely do that. So, thank you for being you. uwu

I am horrible at replying to sweet messages with anything other than a gif and a thank you so here’s a gif and a thank you


A little wip of Cro in a soon to come mini-series based on this post

Some short preview notes of a mini-series I’m writing based on this post

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Ergh checking more referred sources from the hit counter thing and that damn Alternian/Daedric reference will be the death of me

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I need to draw him more. Thanks anon :>

Character + color palette meme

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augh shit i guess i need to make detailed references and more designs for those things before i can do LM…?

Aside from Fixxxer I think Bleeding Me or The Outlaw Torn would have worked just as well, but the pins and needles aspect was the most important thing I wanted to keep in tact, and I have plans for The Outlaw Torn that lead into the Leper Messiah project I’m planning.

 rotom-vvash:  your gory stuff is so interesting man

Thanks :’) I try to make it that way.


Just when all seems fine and I’m pain free, you jab another pin in me.

Individual frames: 1 - 2